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A cicada molting from it's too-tight, old restrictive skin. We can do this, too.

A cicada molting from it’s too-tight, old, restrictive skin. We can do this, too.

Are you the type of person who:

• feels like a round peg in a square hole?

• notices that which works for everyone else has you rolling your eyes and shaking your head?

• feels the need to protect yourself from being hurt/judged?

• puts your own needs after everyone else’s?

• is very sensitive, empathetic, creative and/or intuitive?

If more than a few of these ring true for you,

Congratulations, and Welcome Home

You have found your place.


The supposed to trap is a common phenomenon. How many things do you do each day because you’re supposed to? Nothing can crush a creative life force faster than supposed to. It can lead to resentment, diminished relationships, depression and many other maladies. I know this from experience.

You’ve taught the people in your life how you’ll allow them to treat you — your family of origin, boss, partner, children, friends…and now, your relationships are stressed. Something has to change.

But, where do you begin? You have demands — a job, perhaps a family – yet, something nags at you. Day in and day out, you feel trapped by your work, a relationship or something else.

What if balance and peace are possible?


Guess what?

It’s your lucky day.


I love to partner with my clients to:

• discover and retire beliefs and behaviors that keep them stuck

• identify the ways they work against themselves and help them to navigate out of the cycle

• liberate themselves from unknown lifelong patterns

• fully and unapologetically inhabit the whole of their lives


Today could be the day that things change.

But, first you’ve got to pick up the phone.

Are you ready for the coolest journey of your life, so far?


I am Permission. Who are you?

By choosing to work with me, you will learn to take all the permission you need to become whom you’re meant to become.

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